5 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Prague

5 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Prague

If you’re taking a family vacation to Prague, then you’ll be looking for things to do with your children. As a city, Prague itself is family-friendly and welcoming. You’ll all enjoy walking around and taking in the historic architecture and sights. You’ll all find plenty of things to eat and drink in the city’s vibrant and diverse cafes and restaurants.

However, you know that a good family vacation includes some trips and experiences which specifically keep your children happy and occupied.

Luckily, Prague has plenty of options here. Read on to get some ideas for family day trips and experiences.

  1. Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo has a reputation as being one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. As well as being able to see many different animals, the zoo gives you plenty of child-friendly things to do.

For example, your children can get rid of some of their energy in the zoo’s play areas. They can pet animals at the Children’s Zoo. They can take a ride on the children’s tram or on the main chairlift. The zoo also offers various activities as part of its entertainment program.

If you have younger children, you can also borrow strollers or carts at the zoo so that your kids don’t tire themselves out too much during your visit. Plus, to really make your trip special, you can use a steamship or ferry to get to and from the zoo on the water.

  1. Prague Castle

The Prague Castle complex sits at the top of a hill. This is a magnificent ancient structure which will appeal to all of the history lovers in your family.

As well as looking around the castle and its buildings, your children will enjoy the pomp and circumstance of the daily Changing of the Guard Ceremony. The complex’s gardens are a peaceful haven with excellent views over the city. Your kids will also appreciate some time in the castle’s playground.

The walk up the hill to the castle might be a stretch for younger children. It’s worth taking a city tram up to the castle if you want to prevent the stress on your children’s small legs.

  1. Petřín Hill

A trip up Petřín Hill will keep the whole family happy, especially on days with particularly good weather. You can add to the excitement here by taking the funicular railway up to the top of the hill to start your visit.

This is one of the largest open spaces in Prague. It has various gardens, walking paths and playgrounds with great views over the city. Your children can have some fun in the mirror maze. You can also go to the top of the lookout tower for fantastic views of the city and the surrounding region.

  1. Slavonic Island

Prague’s Slavonic Island sits in the Vltava River. Home to the Žofín Palace concert hall, this island is also popular with both local and visiting families.

If you want to spend some time on the water, you can hire pedal boats or rowing boats from the island. Your children can spend time in one of the city’s best playgrounds. Plus, the island also has a small much-loved train for children.

  1. The Astronomical Clock

Prague’s Old Town Hall is home to an ornate and picturesque astronomical clock. Dating back to the 1400s, the clock is worth a look at any time. However, if you visit on the hour, you get a real show.

The clock tells the time and shows the current position of the sun, moon, and planets. On the hour, you also see a moving show of figures. Once you’ve seen the clock from outside, you can also take a walk up the tower if you wish.

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