April 2019

April 2019

April in Prague is finally bringing warmer weather which opens up some new activities available for tourists. April is not the busiest touristic season which makes the old streets of Prague being less crowded and gives perfect conditions for those who like to walk and wear just jeans and long shirt. It is a time when lots of restaurants in Prague Old Town begin to open their outdoor eating. Best restaurants in Prague are slowly getting to be fully booked for the evenings during the weekends. Starting April, there will be more options for outdoor activities such as boat trips, e-scooters tours, segway tours, food tours, etc.

Alcron hotel is a 5star hotel in Prague and 5th best on Trip Advisor website. It belongs to one of the best hotels in Prague because of its amazing customer service orientation, very convenient location as being a hotel in Prague city centre and its exceptional dining options inside the hotel.

Alcron restaurant has been one of the most famous restaurants in the Czech Republic for many years. In 2017, it was ranked in #7 European best Fine Dining restaurant and #11 in the world. Our elegant La Rotonde restaurant offers a great variety of Czech and international cuisine. BeBop Bar belongs among the best bars in Prague.Our talented bartenders will prepare a unique signature cocktail for you that will perfectly fit to your mood and make you smile till the rest of your night. Every drink comes with a story of its so called ‘Be concept’ and you can be whatever you want to be when you are at this magical bar in Prague.

If the weather for the weekend looks unfavourable for you, bring your whole family for our Saturday or Sunday Brunch at our luxury Hotel Alcron in Prague. We will happily take care of the entertainment of your kids while you can enjoy huge variety of delicious dishes together with a live music atmosphere. April is still open for booking your table, but hurry up as our brunch is very popular also by locals and all the tables get quickly sold out.

Our Executive chef Roman Paulus is looking forward to his April cooking classes for adults or kids who will learn how create a culinary miracle and have and exclusive tour behind the scenes of Alcron and La Rotonde restaurant.

If you get lucky with the sunny weather during your stay and are in a mood to relax with a cocktail on the beach, Zlute Lazne Recreational area offers a free entrance until 1st of May. You just pay for your drinks, food or sport equipment that you can hire. Wallenstein Palace and Garden will reopen on the 1st of April and will be open for public till the end October. Bylany Culture Grave in Suchdol is a new exhibition from the Object of the Season series opening up on the 2nd of April and it is displayed on the first floor of the museum’s main building. You can still visit other permanent exhibitions such as the collection at Jewish Museum which includes the Old Cemetery, synagogues and the Robert Guttmann Gallery with its art collection called My cup of Kafta. For those who are not afraid of being in the darkness and would like to try how blind people perceive this world, we would recommend the exhibition “Invisible”. Karel Zeman Museum exhibition shows how basic special effects were achieved in the early 20th century and this exhibition is fun even for your kids.

For families traveling with kids there is a fantastic way to discover Prague by steam engine trains rides on April 6. Together with your children you can go back in time. There are two rides a day which depart from Prague-Smichov and take you to Hostivice and back. You will pass by the famous former fort Vysehrad, Pankrac plain, beautiful nature park Prokop Valley and admire the breath/taking views of the Prague Castle. Every weekend afternoon there is a special program for parents and their kids at the Aeroschool at the movie theatre Kino Aero. Parents can watch the set of fairy tales with their children, or have coffee in the bar while waiting for their kids. During the April’s warm days also Prague Zoo will become more crowded than in last few months. If you think about which day to visit the Prague Zoo, there are newly introduced Happy Mondays that offer discounted prices.

Farmer Markets begin in April and you can find them on different days in different locations of Prague. The most favourite by locals and well know by tourists is Naplavka located on the riverside by the famous Dancing House which takes less than 15 minutes by walk from our hotel. The classic farmer markets are only open on Saturdays. There will be a special Easter dedicated market on the 20th of April on Holy Saturday from 8:00 – 14:00.

Stroll around the Old Town, colour your Easter egg, shop for Czech Easter handcrafts, enjoy the Easter markets and observe our Czech traditions. Girls get whipped by a braided whip made from things called ‘pomlazka’ and boys get doused by cold water. Easter holidays includes two days of official state holiday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. All the national institutions, some shops and even some of the top restaurants in Prague will closed on these days. Before the Easter holidays you will find many Easter Markets in Prague. Easter Markets at the Prague Castle start on the 5th of April and will last till the end of the month. Markets at the Peace Square start on the 6th of April and will be closed on the 22nd of April. Regarding the Easter Markets on the Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square, you can enjoy them from the 6th of April until the 28th.

At the end of April, Czechs celebrate the so called Witches’ Night and light up huge bonfires all around country. The tradition says to burn this symbolic with and celebrate with others till the morning hours. If you prefer to stay in Prague and would like to join this tradition, you can visit Ladronka park or the Central Park at Pankrac where lots of Prague locals celebrate every year.

For dancing lovers, you can buy ticket to the Prague Spring Festival which will host dancing teachers who can give you a swing lesson. For sport lovers and especially trained runners, Sportisimo Prague Half marathon takes place in the streets of new and old city on the 7th of April.


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