Easter in the Czech Republic

Easter in the Czech Republic

Christian celebration or the celebration of spring?

Easter in Czech Republic itself is the most important Christian celebration of the year. However, for the majority of Czech people, this holiday has just little to do with the religious aspect. It is more a historically kept tradition rather than religions celebration. Easter or “Velikonoce” comes from the expression of a great night or “Velka noc” which Christians believe to be the night when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. During communism, Easter was instead recognised as the celebration of the arrival of spring. The official state holidays for the Czech Republic are Good Friday and Easter Monday.

What a strange whipping tradition!

Boys and men make so-called “pomlazka” which is a whip from willow branches and twigs braided together and decorated with colourful ribbons. Girls prepare and paint the eggs at home. On Easter Monday morning they visit the houses of girls, sing the traditional Easter song with a rhyme requesting eggs from the girls in return, chase them around the house and spank them with the whip.

Girls are supposed to treat the boys with decorated eggs, chocolates or alcohol shuts for men. In reward, girls should be blessed with vitality, fertility and beauty for another year. Nevertheless, this tradition has become milder than in the past when the boys used to come very early in the morning, they whipped the girls much harder than now and even poured cold water on them.

This somewhat interesting custom is very weird for foreigners, but it is so much fun especially for Czech boys in the villages and small towns. Obviously, this centuries-old tradition is less enjoyable for girls, but with the time they have accepted it and comply with the game.

What do Czechs eat for Easter?

Lamb is the most popular dish for this festive season, its meat main dish version as well as sweet dough or cake. Another popular sweet Easter treat is “mazanec” which is yeasted bread made with rum topped with almonds and raisins. Of course, we eat lots of eggs and drink homemade plum liquor called “slivovice” for better digestion.

Since the situation in the world is nowadays not suitable for any public celebrations, we have prepared a great variety and choice of delicious food that you can order from our Takeaway Menu and make this festive time of the year special at home with your loved ones. At least this way we can celebrate Easter with you!

We cannot wait to have you back in person hopefully very soon.
Happy Easter, everyone!