Five reasons to visit Prague

Five reasons to visit Prague

If you’re planning a European vacation, then add Prague to your list. While you might not know much about this lovely city yet, it is a perfect destination for a short break or a longer trip. Why is Prague such
an attractive destination? Read this blog to find out.

1. Centuries of History
As the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague has a rich and diverse history going back over 1,000 years. This is the perfect city for both serious history lovers and people who simply want to visit a city
with a diverse and rich cultural past.
For example, Prague is home to an impressive castle complex that dates back to the 9th century. Once the home of the kings of Bohemia, this is now the official presidential residence. You can visit various
buildings in the complex and wander around some lovely gardens. The complex’s hilltop location also has fantastic views over the city.
Prague’s diverse architectural styles also highlight the city’s history, as it developed over the years as the city grew. As you walk around, you’ll see some fine examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Art
Nouveau and even Cubist architecture. The old town area is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. A Compact City Centre
Some European capital cities are large and sprawling. It takes time to get from place to place and key tourist attractions aren’t always close to each other. You might find it hard to get a sense of cities that are
very spread out.
Prague’s city centre is relatively compact. You can easily walk around most of the city if you wish. The streets and squares are picturesque and interesting. Walking tours are also a good way to get a real feel
for the city’s history and past.
Moreover, many of the main attractions in the city are within walking distance of each other. So if you’d like to experience city life on foot, then Prague is an ideal place to be.

3. An Efficient Transport Network
While you might be happy walking around places you visit, there might be times when you need to take a break from walking or want to visit somewhere a little further away from your hotel. Prague also has
some hills that you might prefer not to traverse, especially if you’re visiting with young children.
Luckily, Prague has an efficient and effective city centre public transport system. It has three underground metro lines, one of which services many popular attractions. It also has an extensive tram network
that you can pick up all over the city.

4. A Vibrant Café and Restaurant Culture
If you like to take a break at an open-air café and watch the world go by, then Prague is the perfect location for you. The city is full of cafés and restaurants that offer both local and international cuisines. You
can choose from relaxed, informal meals or formal fine dining.
Prague is also an essential visit for beer lovers. The original Pilsner beer was first invented close to the city. You’ll be able to enjoy some familiar beers and some hidden local gems in the city’s bars, cafés,
clubs and restaurants.

5. Easy Communication
Some vacation destinations are difficult for English speakers. If the locals don’t speak English and you don’t speak their language, then you’ll find it hard to communicate and get help when you need it.
Prague is the main tourist centre of the Czech Republic. It is a very popular destination for visitors from all over the world. You shouldn’t have any problem finding people who speak some English, especially
if you’re visiting tourist attractions, shops, cafés or restaurants.
Moreover, locals are friendly and happy to help you out if you need directions or advice. Keep in mind that older Czechs who grew up in the Communist Bloc didn’t learn English. However, many have
picked up the basics and younger people often learn English in school.
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