Macallan – Luxury whisky as an experience at our BeBop Bar

Macallan – Luxury whisky as an experience at our BeBop Bar

Are you a devotee of luxury Scotch whisky? Do you want to indulge yourself with something special? Celebrate life in the best way and come join us at the BeBop Bar to taste a connoisseur’s selection of Macallan whisky.

For those who are just getting acquainted with this noble spirit, our highly-trained bar staff will be happy to advise how to best enjoy this liquid miracle.

Without a doubt, these are the stars of the BeBop Bar:


Alcron Hotel Prague | BeBop Bar | Macallan 1957

Macallan 1957 at BeBop Bar

This is the most precious bottle at our bar—the legendary Macallan 1957 single malt whisky. In this case, the date signifies the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Rinaldi Brothers company in Bologna, Italy. This rare gem among treasures was distilled in 1957, and bottled in 1982.

  • Aroma: deep and complex, forest fruits, citrus, caramel, spices, and oak
  • Taste: dark chocolate, coffee, raisins and oak
  • Finish: long and spicy



Alcron Hotel Prague | BeBop Bar | Macallan no. 6

Macallan no. 6 at BeBop Bar

This extraordinary whisky has matured since 1995 in Spanish sherry barrels. Firstly, this process gave it an amber color, with unmistakable notes of dried fruit, cinnamon, orange, and nutmeg.  Furthermore, the elegance of the Macallan no. 6 is complimented—and completed—by a handmade decanter from the prestigious Lalique glassworks.
We are the only one bar in Prague where you can exclusively taste this whisky.

  • Aroma: red apple, orange peel, fruitcake, vanilla, and red currant
  • Taste: dried fruit, cinnamon, orange, nutmeg
  • Finish: fig and dark spices



We are trying to bring the luxury whisky experience to a younger audience. Because we want to give them a closer look, we have prepared a specialty-drink: the “BE MEMORABLE“.  The price of the cocktail undoubtedly reflects the value of the Macallan No.6—the most precious whisky that the Macallan distillery produces. In addition, we serve it in a cut crystal glass from the prestigious Moser glassworks. Without a doubt, this is luxury, served with sophistication… and a story.

Alcron Hotel Prague | BeBop Bar | Macallan No. 6

Macallan No. 6 at BeBop Bar

Lastly, you can find BeBop Bar at the Alcron Hotel Prague, while the entrances are located in the hotel lobby and in the Štěpánská street.

So please, come and have a taste! We are looking forward to your visit and to showing you the unique whisky experience.

Milan Drahoš Bar Manager of BeBop Bar