Prague Art Tour

Prague Art Tour

“Discover the Art Treasures of Prague and the Story Behind the Picture” 

Experience the evolution of European art over the centuries through the most amazing masterpieces by taking a unique Prague Art Tour with us.

Get to know the masters by exploring Czech and Central European history through art. We will show you the rich collections of Prague’s National Gallery and contemporary Art venues. Because of our country’s turbulent history, plenty of various artistic styles were introduced over the last centuries. Artists from many countries around the world lived and worked in our capital city.

That is why we would like to show you around the city and let you absorb the history. Prague Art Tour will take you around the key points in the city’s art evolution and enlighten you with interesting facts. Read further to learn more about the tour.

Start in our Alcron Hotel Prague with a welcome drink with your guide and then take a tour of the Czech national art collections with in-depth explanation of famous pieces and different artistic styles like expressionism, cubism, impressionism and Czech modern art. In our hotel, you will hear about the art deco style which is without a doubt the dominant style of the building.

Find out the painting techniques of the old masters, the symbols in Christian art and see how European modern art reflects social change all the way to post-modernism.

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Duration: 3 hours

Price: 2900 CZK/1 person, 4250 CZK/2 persons, 5300 CZK/3 persons, 6350 CZK/4 persons

*These prices include entrance fees.

**Price on request for larger groups of more than 4 people.

*** Get 20% discount if you book both tours – Art and Architecture.