Prague at Christmas From Above

Prague at Christmas From Above

Few things are unforgettable. We believe Prague is one of these things, and especially during Christmas. We have prepared a panoramic tour of Prague for our Alcron Hotel Prague guests. Will we take you everywhere?


Petrin Tower

The Petrin Tower is one of the most famous landmarks of Prague and is 65.5 meters high. The construction of the tower finished in 1891. The creators intended the tower to represent a copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You can reach the Petrin Tower on foot through a beautiful park and gardens, as well as a unique cable car.

Interesting Fact: There is an exhibition of artifacts by Jára Cimrman – the most famous character from Czech fiction, and a functional mirror maze.


Old Town Bridge Tower

The most impressive Gothic building in Prague, dating back to the 14th century, when it was built during the reign of Charles IV. The tower served as a gateway to the Old Town and at the same time represented the triumphal arch through which the coronation procession of Charles IV passed. The Bridge Tower stands on the first pillar of the Charles Bridge and offers an unusually beautiful view of Prague.

Interesting Fact: One of the most mysterious Gothic sculptures in Prague is on the topmost observation deck of the tower – the Klíčník, or, Věžník. The statue probably represents a warder guarding the entrance to the tower.



This National Cultural Monument is a historical area that includes a hillfort — dating back to the 10th century — which extends over the right bank of the Vltava River. The space is ready-made for pleasant walks with a beautiful view. You can also find here a lovely park, several restaurants, an important historical church, a cemetery, and a summer theatre.

Interesting Fact: The Vyšehrad Cemetery has been a national burial ground since the 19th century. It is the final resting place for many Czech historical and cultural icons.


Zizkov Tower

It is the tallest building in Prague (216 meters), its construction dating between 1980 and 1992. The tower serves as a television transmitter but is also an observation tower. You can dine in the highest restaurant and bar in Prague here while watching the sunset at a romantic dinner.

Interesting Fact: Sculptures are installed on the pillars of the tower – crawling babies with faces alike to computer chips. While strange on the first look, this art represents computer babies climbing a rocket.


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Duration: 4-5 hours, Car (maximum 3 persons) 3,600 CZK, Minivan (maximum 7 persons) 4,500 CZK.