Prague in February

Prague in February

February is the last month when you can still enjoy this year’s exciting white winter before the sun brings to light what lay under the snow. It is slightly warmer than last month and there is an extra hour of sunlight per day. Nevertheless, it is still relatively cold and temperatures often fall below freezing. Besides the pandemic situation, this winter has been the most enjoyable one in many years because of the rich snow cover and frequent snowfalls embracing the whole country including our beautiful city of Prague. While the nature is taking rest under its snow blanket, you will find locals walking in white parks, kids sledging down the slopes, or sport lovers cross-country skiing on the trails through the Czech countryside.

Certainly, our luxurious Alcron Hotel has not taken any sick leave. Respecting restrictions from our government regarding COVID-19 pandemic, we are still running and enthusiastically preparing our famous hotel and popular restaurants and bar for the season. The entire staff of well-known Alcron Hotel is trained to punctually follow the hygiene guidelines as health safety is now of paramount importance. Consequently, even with the face masks on, we will still be genuinely smiling at you and professionally taking care of you from the first moment you enter our historical hotel.

Masopust is the traditional Czech carnival giving farewell to winter and celebrating fertility and the start of spring. Locals wear masks and are dressed up in costumes of animal characters. While singing, dancing or making noise, they walk from house to house where they get some food and drink in return. The word “masopust” means in translation “meat fast”. It is the symbolic last chance to feast before six Sundays of fasting preceding Easter. The Prague Festival, the biggest parade usually takes place in downtown Prague and this year the celebrations should start on 13th of February (depending on current pandemic situation).

On Sunday 14th, only one day after the greatest celebration of Masopust, you can switch to an intimate mode. There is nothing more romantic than taking your loved one for a walk in the cobblestone streets of Prague’s Old Town and looking at the snowy shades of the magnificent Prague Castle. Although it is not a traditionally Czech thing to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you will sense love in the air of Prague city anyway. You will feel like in a fairytale with your loved one especially if you let us embrace this special event by pampering you in our 5-star Alcron Hotel, legendary Be Bop Bar and La Rotonde fine-dining restaurant.

We wish you joyful Masopust, the most romantic Valentine’s Day and enjoyable whole month of February. Whether you are traveling now or in the future, we are waiting with the open arms to welcome you in Alcron!