Prague in June 2019

Prague in June 2019

Are you wondering where this picture was taken? You can take exactly the same one and we will be very happy to give you a direction to explore one of the most wonderful spots in our capital city. Prague in June is the perfect month to make it happen on one of June’s sunny days during your stay at Alcron, our 5 star hotel in Prague.

Our Panoramic Prague Tour will help you explore Prague from a different perspective. We will take you to the places with the most amazing views where you will feel like you just reached Prague’s sky. Looking for some wonderful places to go for a walk? You should not miss the two of the most beautiful parks in Prague with a wonderful view of the Old Town. Visit the largest park Petřín and the small romantic park Vyšehrad, which is part of our package.

Great thing for tourists about June is that there are no state holidays. You do not have to be bothered by any limited opening hours. Only the Jewish Museum locations close for June 9th and 10th due to Shavuot.

Which cultural events and festivals visit in Prague in June?

If you come with your kids for 1st of June there will be special celebrations across Prague. This day is celebrated as the national Children’s day.

Started already in May, June 1st and 2nd are days of open air folklore dancing festival called Prague Heart of Nations. Luckily, this event takes places just a few steps from our hotel in Prague Old Town, on Wenceslas and Old Town Square.

Most Prague museums open their doors with free entry to museums, galleries and cultural institutions on the 8th of June. Prague Museum night is only a one-time event each year when you can admire the exhibits during the night hours.

Do you like dancing or watching the art of a contemporary dance performance? You will surely enjoy a series of performances of Prague Dance Festival running from the 3rd to the 26th of June in different locations in Prague. The Holi Festival of Colours on the 8th of June is an electronic music event held in more than 20 countries around the world. This dance party will take place on Shooters Island in Prague.

How about the combination of motorbikes, classic cars and rock music? Do not miss the MDA Ride show on the Wenceslas Square on the 22nd of June. If you come to Prague on your motorcycle, you can use our secure valet parking at the Alcron hotel in Prague city center.

In a mood for a concert?

If that is the case, Prague in June will certainly not disappoint you. Prague is hosting famous American pop rock band Maroon 5 who has its historically first concert in the Czech Republic on the 5th of June in O2 Arena. An American boy band, Backstreet Boys, will be introducing their new album on the 22nd of June there. Three days later, the legendary British musician Phil Collins will have a concert at O2 Arena as well. Furthermore, The Beach Boys are back in Prague. Their concert will take place on the 16th of June right next to our hotel in Lucerna, where they played exactly 50 years ago.

Prague thinks also of the fans of gastronomy

Beer lovers will appreciate numerous events dedicated to beer. For instance, Zizkov Beer Festival held at Parukarka Park on the 7th and 8th of June, Festival of Microbreweries at the outdoor setting of Prague Castle and Mini Beer Festival at the river embankment Naplavka celebrate 66 Czech and Moravian microbreweries. You can try different kinds of beer and the finest brews, enjoy local food and listen to music from live bands on the 14th and 15th of June.

Starting the same date and continuing to the June 16th, the annual Cider Festival is also held at Naplavka. Visitors get the choice of more than 100 different flavours and colours of cider while enjoying the rich program of the Mini Beer Festival.

The second day of June celebrates ice cream

Sweets lovers can experience the largest Ice Cream Festival in Central Europe. They can enjoy different variety of ice creams and other sweets and compete in its tasting. Speaking about sweets, the traditional pastry called Trdelnik is something that cannot be missed when in Prague. This cinnamon flavored sweet pastry roll is well deserved after hundreds of burned off calories during your sightseeing walk – see our Prague Orientation Tour. You can easily find trdelnik in many streets of Prague. Do you want to make your treat even more delicious? Just ask for Nutella or ice cream with strawberries to stuff it with!

To end up in the sweetest possible way, you can sit on the terrace of our La Rotonde restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Prague, and order the most delicious sweet combination in your life: amazing latte with the famous traditional apple strudel embellished with almonds and cinnamon ice cream. After this we can guarantee that you will never want to leave Prague and Alcron Hotel!

Visit BeBop Bar at Alcron Hotel Prague

Alcron belongs to one of the best hotels in Prague also thanks to our amazing hotel outlets. We are very proud to have two of the top restaurants in Prague and very unique hotel bar. There are lots of bars in Prague; nevertheless, BeBop Bar is one the best bars in Prague even on TripAdvisor. This is also a great place to have a glass of beer and especially cocktails. In June we are preparing new collection of our famous BeBop cocktails that create smiles even on the saddest faces.

What to pack on a trip to Prague in June?

There are a few necessary things you should include in your packing list. Bring your sun cream, sun glasses, shorts and short sleeve shirt. Do not forget a long shirt or a light jacket for evenings and early mornings. It’s also hay fewer weather that affects a large number of people. If you are one of them, do not forget to bring your antihistamine with you. And most importantly, pack the list of best things to do in Prague in June. We will be very happy to help you plan your trip.  Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you need further information about anything.  See you soon in our beautiful Alcron hotel and city of Prague.

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