Prague in October 2019


“The heart of Europe” has for many reasons become one of the most known and used nickname for Prague and the Czech Republic. If you look at the map, our country is landlocked and stands right in the centre of Europe. Unfortunately, we do not have a sea, on the other hand many European countries are very easy to reach by car which makes Prague and hotel Alcron the perfect starting point of your trip.

Our 5 star Alcron Hotel in Prague prepared for you special Alcron Tours which will show you the beauty of one of the most naturally and historically amazing places outside of the country that you can reach within few hours. October is the prefect time for these trips as the weather is still pleasant without any snow and ice and roads are quiet and dry. Our professional English speaking drivers of Alcron Hotel will be happy to take you to Austria, Germany or Hungary. With their guidance you can discover the quiet atmosphere of old town of Kufstein, admire the spectacular waterfall Krimmler and the view of many thousand meters high surrounded mountains of Zell Am See, take a picture on the top of the highest German mountain in Garmisch Partenkirchen or take a boat trip on the lake of Hallstatt.

Once you come back to Prague from your trip, Prague will certainly not disappoint you with its rich cultural program for October.

Starting on the 10th of October until the 13th you will definitely enjoy the famous open-air celebration of light called Signal Light Festival. If you stroll around the riverbank or Old Town at night, you will see the historical centre of Prague as you have never seen before.

Another interesting festival that should be on your list is Prague International Design Festival from 17th until 21st of October. It is the greatest fashion show in Central Europe showing the work of designers from many European countries.

When speaking about different styles and design, fans of the architecture styles will surely admire the unique Art Deco style of our Alcron restaurant that you will find in our hotel. Let us pamper you with the most delicious meals in our famous restaurant and customer service  in our luxury hotel.

As Alcron belongs to one of the best hotels in Prague, you will be in the best hands. Our staff of Alcron  Hotel will be very happy to assist you with planning your stay. For more information, please, contact us.