Why to visit Prague in February

Why to visit Prague in February

Do not worry about the cold temperatures, even winter is a great time to visit our charming city of Prague…

February is one of the coldest months in Prague. Welcome to the middle of the Czech winter. he excellent advantage is that there is a high probability of experiencing some snow as a surprise at any time of the day which makes Prague even more magical. The heavy clouds often change into snowfall and the landscape changes to white colours. The snowfall is greatly welcomed because it brings life to skiing so lots of locals spend their weekends in the mountains rather than in the cities. Most importantly, the season is still very low which allows you to see even the most touristic places in Prague without crowds.

You can still enjoy the open-air ice rink and outdoor skating in the heart of Prague until the end of this month. Prague has prepared for its tourists also lots of indoor activities that you can do without spending much time in the outside cold temperatures.

Some very interesting indoor exhibitions are calling for your visit….

For Art lovers, Prague Castle is hosting an exhibition of paintings from the famous portrait master Josef Manes to remind the 200 years anniversary of his birth. This exhibition also includes masterpieces of other famous Czech painters such as Frantisek Kupka, Jan Zrzavy, Max Svabinsky or Mikolas Ales.

Another very interesting exhibition held in Dvorak’s Museum, Inspiration from Nature, offers deeper insight about one of the most well-known Czech composer Antonin Dvorak and his love for nature. He was a very keen hiker and gardener and you can see for instance his walking sticks or garden hat that he used to wear and are part of the exhibition.

Are you travelling with kids and looking for some entertainment suitable for both of you? Starting on the first day of February until the end of April you can visit the world’s biggest astronautic exhibition, Cosmos Discovery. This amazing event is being held in Prague for the very first time and has been prepared by real NASA experts. Visitors can see the real parts and models of original spaceships and other shuttles and learn about the life and work of astronauts. You will be guided through the history of space-flying until the currently planned space missions such as flying to Mars or colonising the Moon. Your kids will love experiencing the astronaut training in 3D technology.

There is much more to see and do in Prague and we are looking forward to welcoming you in our lovely Alcron Hotel very soon and make sure that you will have the most amazing February stay with us!

A header photo ©Prague City Tourism