May in Prague


Spring 2020 will be a time we will never forget. Hotel Alcron, one of the top hotels in Prague has always been able to keep its doors open to guests….

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Easter in the Czech Republic


Christian celebration or the celebration of spring? Easter in Czech Republic itself is the most important Christian celebration of the year. However, for the majority of Czech people, this holiday…

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Prague and Alcron Hotel in March


Spring in Prague Spring is slowly coming to Prague and finally bringing some sunshine with warm temperatures. March is the month of experiencing almost all the kind of weather. From…

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Why to visit Prague in February


Do not worry about the cold temperatures, even winter is a great time to visit our charming city of Prague… February is one of the coldest months in Prague. Welcome…

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Why to visit Prague in January?


There are plenty of reasons to visit Prague and staying in our Alcron hotel even in winter. It is certainly cold out and you may experience snow which covers our…

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