Prague at Christmas From Above


Few things are unforgettable. We believe Prague is one of these things, and especially during Christmas. We have prepared a panoramic tour of Prague for our Alcron Hotel Prague guests….

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Macallan – Luxury whisky as an experience at our BeBop Bar


Are you a devotee of luxury Scotch whisky? Do you want to indulge yourself with something special? Celebrate life in the best way and come join us at the BeBop…

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Prague Christmas Markets


Prague promises many unforgettable experiences during the Christmas holidays. One of these is undoubtedly a visit to the famous Prague Christmas markets, which are among the most charming in Europe. …

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Prague in October 2019


“The heart of Europe” has for many reasons become one of the most known and used nicknames for Prague. Come and see what news we have prepared for you at…

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September 2019


‘If European Cities Were a Necklace, Prague Would Be The Diamond Among The Pearls’. The Czech Republic has a centuries long history of being recognised for its famous Bohemian glass….

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