Alcron Classic

traditional Thai massage

A traditional Thai temple massage described in the Thai language as “nuat,” this treatment includes a series of techniques designed to ease pain in the muscles, tendons and joints. With the aid of manipulation exercise and acupressure on energy points of the body, guests experience overall relaxation, a feeling of newly acquired vitality and spiritual balance. Buddha Classic represents Thai massage therapy in its most authentic form, as it has been taught and practiced for centuries.


Foot Relax

Eliminate the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs with this massage. Focusing on the toes up to the knees, our massage experts use acupressure and reflexology to help you relax. As an added bonus, this massage includes 100% essential oils from extracts of thyme, manuka and lemon grass and balm from eucalyptus, rosemary, mint and chestnut blossom.


Spirit of Siam

herbal, anti-stress

Famous for its anti-stress effects, this Ancient Thai herbal massage is ideal for relaxation. Massage experts use small cloth bags filled with herbs and aromatic substances according to recipes 600 years old. When heated in a steam bath, these packages are placed on areas of the body where tension and pain concentrate. This is followed by relaxing massage using aromatic oils with extracts of jasmine, sandalwood and lime.

Queen’s Park

aroma, harmonic

This type of therapy is aimed at soothing you and achieving a state of harmony of the spirit and the body. Enjoy a revitalizing acupressure and reflexology massage with the aid of aroma oils boasting extracts of lavender, rosewood, eucalyptus and mint, supplemented by scented oils from essences of blood orange, sandalwood and jasmine with the help of the aroma lamp.


Dark Side of Moon

back massage, anti-fatigue

A combination of massage techniques, this treatment is aimed at removing both occasional and chronic back pain. With the use of relaxing menthol and camphor ointments, it blocks tension in the back, neck and shoulders. This type of therapy was formerly used for the relaxation of horsemen after a long period in the saddle.


Swedish School

classical sporty

Swedish muscle massage is based on a classical massage technique. It is used for the refreshment and regeneration of the muscles, enhanced metabolism and improved blood circulation. This is a type of sports massage specifically intended for the rapid elimination of fatigue.


Dragon Stones

lava stones

Experience an ancient mythical Chinese massage, where 53 smooth lava stones are used, heated in the water and then placed on the body while still hot. At the same time, individual parts of the body are massaged with hot oil, and the 2 largest stones are held in palms of the hands. For men, the oil used includes essences of jasmine, sandalwood and lime. For women, the oil has extracts of Moroccan rose and rosewood. The warmth penetrates deep into the body (back into the mountain) where it causes complete relaxation and charges you with the strength of the dragon.

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Mystic Face

facial, anti-stress

Combined with techniques for muscle relaxation, this osteopathic face and hair massage releases tension and joint blocks of the cervical spine with the aid of Neroli essence from the flowers of the bitter orange. A very widespread form of quick massage, this technique works to relieve current tension while also preventing it in the future. With Mystic Face, there is positive activation of the energy points on the head, and the massage is thus an anti-stress type of therapy.